Virtus Joins ESTA

Virtus Joins ESTA

Virtus Consult have joined ESTA (Energy Services and Technology Association).  ESTA is the UK’s leading energy management industry association.  With over 25 years’ involvement in energy management, ESTA is a standard setter in the development of the industry.  Their mission is to reduce energy consumption through the application of technology and expert services.

ESTA reports that their members have the commitment and expertise to deliver high quality energy efficient systems and practices.  By joining ESTA a company has signalled its genuine intention to assist building designers and managers to improve working environments and reduce operational costs.  ESTA members are expected to uphold the highest professional standards and have the experience and expertise to deliver the best results.

ESTA has a thriving and active membership of over 120 companies that supply products, systems and services covering all the elements critical to the energy efficient design, management and operation of buildings and processes.

ESTA members provide:

  • unrivalled expertise and are best placed to provide independent advice to energy end-users;
  • market leading energy management products, technology and services;
  • significant levels of energy and carbon savings to energy end-users in the public and private sectors;
  • full ESCO (Energy Contracting) services which guarantee significant energy savings; and
  • in-depth knowledge of funding mechanisms for the purchase of energy and energy efficient products and services.