The new CDM Regulations 2015 are now in force

The new CDM Regulations 2015 are now in force

The New CDM regulations 2015 took effect on 6th April 2015. By law; compliance means:

  • New projects starting April 6th Onwards – the new regulations apply immediately.
  • Existing projects continuing beyond 6th October 2015 are required to comply with the new Regulations by 6th October 2015.
  • For existing projects and those due to complete before 6th October 2015, no changes are required.

There are significant changes within the New Regs:

There are now three main roles for managing the Health & Safety of a construction project:

  • Client: still has overall responsibility for the successful execution of the project. The new regulations have placed more responsibility on Client’s during the pre-construction and construction phases.
    • Each lead on different phases of the project.
    • Coordination and flow of relevant information from one party to another to ensure that health and safety is considered at all stages of the project lifecycle is critical.
    • Good working relationships essential
  • Principal Designer
  • Principal Contractor
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How can Virtus Help you comply?

  • Initial Assessment – We can assess your current projects and provide you with a strategy and options and help you implement the necessary changes to ensure your compliance with the new regulations.
  • Take on the Client Responsibilities – We can carry out Client’s responsibilities, minimising the additional responsibilities placed on clients under the new Regulations and providing the essential flow of information and coordination between parties, throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Act as Principle Designer – We can act as Principal Designer; fulfilling all the responsibilities required under the New regulations and ensuring flow of information to the Principal Contractor.

For more information please contact:

Jan Ponsford – Director – or 0121 200 2855