As you might expect from a consultancy with our reputation, we have the capability to successfully plan, manage and deliver a wide range of projects from a simple refurbishment to complex mixed-use regeneration projects.

Every successful project starts the same way. We listen very carefully to the expectations of our clients and ask a lot of the right questions. Then we take the time to fully understand what is wanted, identifying all potential operational, business and technical risks involved in the process.

Our attention to detail ensures we implement robust project management and control procedures that allow us to effectively reduce the risk to acceptable and controllable levels.

Some of the key features of our Project Management service are:

  • Establishment of Client Brief.
  • Development of Project Plan and Master Programme with sub-programmes.
  • Designer selection, evaluation and recommendation.
  • Identification and early procurement of long-lead items.
  • Identification of any requirement for specialist advice relative to the project.
  • Monitoring, management and control of design development.
  • Supplier / contractor pre-tender selection, evaluation and recommendation.
  • Management of tender and contractor appointment procedures.
  • Management and control of the construction process.
  • Change control management.
  • Financial management and reporting.
  • Programme and Progress liaison between Client, Project Team and Contractors.
  • Early warning of programme issues and potential changes to the project duration.
  • Monitoring and management of coordination between project and construction teams.
  • Quality control of project works in progress.
  • Defects liability inspections.

For more information, or to discuss your next project, please get in touch with one of Our Team.