Over many years, we have developed a simple three-step process to ensure that every client receives the high-quality cost-management service they require. Our complex offering is summed up with a simple acronym – BID, which reflects the different stages the project will encounter: Budget. Improve. Deliver.

Budget – At the earliest stage of the project we will develop cost models for the proposed scheme that will allow easy analysis of the design. These models will benchmark not only costs but also the design criteria to ensure the client and design team are aware of how efficient the current design is. We will also consider what could be done to improve the business case.

Improve – In our experience, the client’s budget typically rarely matches their initial design expectations, which is why we focus on ways of improving the value of the proposed asset, using design option studies and value engineering.

In addition, project risks are catalogued and managed to reduce exposure and assist in controlling design. Sustainability Issues and Whole-Life Costing are also explored to ensure the proposed investment not only matches today’s needs, but those of the future too.

Deliver – Having developed the scheme into a sustainable, affordable solution, the challenge and our skill is to ensure the final design is delivered within a commercially controlled environment. We develop the tender and contract information with the design team, to eliminate scope creep from previous design versions.

Appropriate procurement systems are used, dependent upon the client’s attitude to risk and a robust change control procedure is applied together with the risk management process. Finally, knowledge and data from the commission are added to our database to inform future commissions.

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