Case Viability Assessment
In advance of significant investment in preparing or defending a claim, we believe that it is critical that the viability of that case is assessed to establish the probable chances of success. Understanding the likely range of outcomes is critical and testing your own assessment of your case is often best done by an independent party. These inexpensive assessments represent significant value.

Establishing Entitlement
It is highly unusual for any business or individual to grant additional time or costs for their project without the entitlement being demonstrated by the contractor. Without this demonstration, it is unlikely that any major change or claim will result in a successful award to the contractor. Virtus can provide programme and contract analysis, together with supporting narrative to demonstrate the root cause of a change under the contract in question. Our resources are flexible and we regularly collaborate with specialist partners to obtain detailed analyses that demonstrate cause and effect and provide clear justification of entitlement for further particulars supporting requests for extensions of time. Our experience is that without this detailed analysis the contractor’s recovery of time and costs is likely to be significantly lessened.

Claims & Disputes
Regardless of your view of claims, it is imperative that they are prepared properly and professionally with sufficient detail and justification to support the desired intent – be it programme, cost or both. Virtus are able to provide this service, supporting our clients in seeking to achieve their target return in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Dispute resolution following formal routes is often expensive and time-consuming, drawing on significant management resources. At Virtus, we believe that disputes are best resolved through amicable negotiation. However, we have the capability to support alternative dispute resolution methodologies including mediation, adjudication, arbitration and litigation. Our extensive network also enables us to draw on a broad range of expert witness support in support of a dispute.

Our Team would be more than happy to talk through any questions you may have about our Construction Claims Consultancy services. Please do contact us.