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Virtus joins the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA).

Published: 5th February 2013

Virtus Consult is pleased to have joined the NIA as a corporate member.  The NIA is the trade association for the Civil Nuclear Industry in the UK.  It has a primary objective to improve the commercial performance of the Nuclear Industry by supporting its member companies.  The NIA represents more than 260 members involved in all aspects in the civil nuclear industry including operators of nuclear power stations, companies dealing with waste and liabilities management and all aspects of the fuel cycle, engineering and construction firms, those engaged in decommissioning, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, nuclear research facilities, and a number of specialist companies including consultancies and legal firms.

The NIA and its members take an all-energy view and support the development of a balanced low-carbon energy mix for the UK involving renewables, clean coal, gas and energy efficiency – with stably-priced low-carbon nuclear at the centre.

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