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LEDs maintain the lighting quality but cut the bills at Cambridge car park

Published: 30th August 2012

Article From:  Energy in Buildings & Industry Magazine – July/August 2012

Cambridge City Council has completely refitted its Grand Arcade Annex car park with award-winning LED lighting to help save energy and lower carbon emissions.

As part of their commitment to make Cambridge a more sustainable city, council officers asked lighting specialists MHA Lighting to provide a solution that would reduce energy bills without affecting light quality.

Manchester-based MHA Lighting replaced 220 fittings (150W without ballast) with 220 of the company’s LB 36 fittings which use just 45W (including ballast).  This is expected to achieve energy savings of up to 75 per cent and cut carbon emissions by the equivalent amount.

The new LB light fittings run maintenance free for the duration of their 60,000-hour lifetime (which equates to seven years I they are switched on 24 hours a day, seven days a week).  This will provide additional savings as no maintenance costs will be incurred.

 Parking services operations manager, Sean Cleary said:  “The biggest challenge for us was completing the installation with absolute minimum disruption to customers and business users who rely on the car park daily for their city centre parking”.

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