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KTP Project with Oxford Brookes University & New Face to the Business

Published: 17th November 2015

Virtus’ primary objective is to deliver exemplary results, ensuring every project is perfectly executed whilst responding to the unforeseeable with innovation and pragmatism.

In order to continue being innovative, Virtus Consult and Oxford Brookes University have established a partnership. The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) was set-up to refine and promote a holistic methodology for enhancing energy performance in existing buildings. A full time position for 24 months working as an Energy Performance Programme Analyst was created, and this has since been filled by James Carson.

James’ project is comprised of four main stages:

  • Market Research
  • Product/Service Development
  • Promotion
  • Roll-out

James is based in our Birmingham office and has been working extensively on market research. He has worked closely with the university to utilise their knowledge, experience and vast resources. James has been corresponding with many NHS Trusts to find out more information about drivers, targets and historical data relating to energy consumption and carbon emissions. He used Estates Return Information Collection (ERIC) data to create an extensive spreadsheet detailing energy and carbon data for every NHS Trust for the last three years, with year-on-year comparisons. This has proven to be an extremely useful tool and will allow James to analyse trends and how each NHS Trust is performing against targets.

James is now working on developing Virtus’ energy and carbon reduction service and is aiming to be successful in getting Virtus onto a framework agreement which would enable an easier procurement process for public sector clients.

This is an exciting time for both James, and Virtus Consult who have once again shown their innovative, forward thinking and are striving to continually improve and offer clients the best, up-to date service.

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