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Cherwell District Council, Graven Hill

Published: 15th April 2016

More than half of Britain’s population like the idea of building their own home. With that in mind, the notion of creating the largest self-build development at Graven Hill, near Bicester was born.

The scheme has been designed to simplify the process and enable people to achieve their dream. The site is big enough to accommodate up to 1,900 new homes and Graven Hill site will be the first large-scale project of its type in the UK. Virtus Consult are excited to have received a commission to support the Graven Hill Village Development Company in the delivery of the first 10 plots known as “Pioneers”. As these Pioneers will pave the way for the remaining 1,890 plots, they are being filmed for a forthcoming TV programme. Our Project Managers are working with the Graven Hill Village Development Company and each of the 10 Pioneers to ensure successful delivery of their new homes. We will be providing assistance from the design of their new home to completion of their “Golden Brick” foundations, and their commencement on site to constructing their own property. The addition of a film crew has added excitement and complexity to this project as well as the Pioneers themselves, many of whom have absolutely no experience of house building at all.

Philip Singleton, managing director of the Graven Hill Village Development Company said “Virtus Consult were bought in to handle the complexity of the project and deal with the hugely challenging stakeholder relationships. The hard work of Virtus has been crucial in bringing on the individual customers’ journeys to a series of successful conclusions”

Cherwell District Council, Graven Hill

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