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Building My Skills Programme

Published: 23rd October 2015

Virtus Consult took part in the Building My Skills programme which is run by ESH Construction in the NE and Yorkshire. The 2015/16 Building My Skills programme will engaged 74 education establishments across 28 local authority areas, work in partnership with 100 business partners delivering 444 sessions to over 11,000 students and 58,300 student hours at £0 direct cost to partners.

James undertook the session in Sheffield at Meadowhead Academy, and presented to 20 students who have been identified as potential NEETs, and were placed on the programme to provide insight into the world of work and raise aspiration for their potential careers after leaving school. James led a 1 hour session with the students who were just starting the programme. James led a session with the students called ‘My Pathway’ which outlined how students can research and investigate potential routes into industry for their post 18 careers.

James provided insight and personal experience of his route from the age that the students are currently until the present day, outlining his life experiences. Following the session the students were tasked with creating a poster and brief essay outlining their proposed route into work and where they envisage themselves in 5 years’ time. This was the first for six sessions that the programme will deliver to these students across the academic year.

James said it was challenging delivering an interactive presentation to a group of 16 year olds, however, it proved to them that there is not one route into industry or a set specific role that individuals have to take to be successful. James is looking forward to been involved and engaged in the programme again next year and seeing the results of the students work.

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