Government must do more to communicate benefits to participants to avoid ESOS Failure

Government must do more to communicate benefits to participants to avoid ESOS Failure

A new study of Energy Efficiency Suppliers indicates that the ESOS energy efficiency legislation for top 10,000 companies could fail for avoidable reasons.

This new report “The Market Opportunities created by the UK Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)”, by industry supplier body the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA) and sustainability experts, Cambium LLP, summarises the findings of a survey carried out between 14th October and 16th November 2014 of UK energy efficiency (EE) technologies and service suppliers.

The study of energy efficiency solution providers reveals the weaknesses and strengths of what is happening under the covers of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) legislation roll-out.

The findings indicate that the UK still has time to make ESOS a success, provided:

  • Government does more to publicise the ESOS scheme to the 10,000 participants;
  • Energy efficiency solution providers communicate the right messages to the right ESOS participant executives; and
  • Executives from both ESOS Participants and energy efficiency suppliers actively collaborate to build more comprehensive business cases for investment that reflect the complete economic, environmental and societal benefits of investing in energy efficiency projects.

Both participants and suppliers have a common interest in improving this dialogue to achieve these mutual benefits and thereby avoid the potential risk of more onerous regulation, should ESOS fail.

Commenting on the report, Robin Hale, director of ESTA said: “All sides of the energy industry need to tackle the issue of boardroom apathy and to prove the advantages of a wider array of energy saving measures. We will be using the Cambium research at our ESOS events for both consumers and service providers during 2015.”