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Welcome to Virtus

Virtus is an award winning construction and management consultancy firm offering tailored solutions to our clients.

Our primary objective is to deliver exemplary results, ensuring that every stage of a project’s life is meticulously planned and perfectly executed, whilst responding to the unforeseeable with innovation and pragmatism. We are able to provide this premium service thanks to our carefully selected team of passionate and driven industry specialists.

Our proven approach with clients has enabled us to become a trusted partner with a number of major blue chip organisations. Regardless of sector we have the capability to deliver precisely what you require. We do not assume we know what you need, nor do we shoehorn our solutions to fit your organisation. Instead, we work hard to build and maintain our client relationships and ensure that we tailor the perfect solution to any commission.

As a direct result of our tailored consultancy solutions, we have acquired a number of highly regarded market leading clients: from delivery c.£1m per annum (18% of annual spend) guaranteed energy cost savings for one of the largest NHS Trusts in the UK through to the redevelopment of an operational nuclear fuel production plant for a global manufacturer.

The essence of our business is to save you money and to minimise the risk of your ventures. Our dedication to honesty, integrity and professionalism means that we consistently exceed our client’s expectations. Our innovation and creativity ensure that each and every project we are involved in enhances the environment whilst minimising the impact on its resources.

3rd June 2016

Supply and Demand: Why We Need a New Energy Trilemma

Ian Marchant, former head of SSE and of the Energy Institute, argues that there is a need for a demand side trilemma in addition to the supply conundrum.

The biggest energy policy issue facing us is not the so-called energy trilemma but the various perspectives and drivers of the demand and supply of energy.

The demand side involves decisions by millions of different people and businesses all over the country, whereas there are probably only 100 or...

23rd May 2016

Energy Lights

By 2030, more energy will be saved across Europe than the amount of energy consumed deriving from oil, according to an analysis by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Announcing this project, the European Commission headlined that “energy saving to become the first fuel”. The EC stressed that energy savings should now always be considered...

23rd May 2016

Energy efficiency levels in process industry are expected to continue to improve vastly over the next 33 years, to 2050.

A new in depth study, prepared by ICF Consulting, covers anticipated energy usage in eight separate industrial sectors. Between them, the eight sectors account for one-quarter of total UK final energy

consumption, covering 98 per cent of industrial energy usage.

The sectors are: iron and steel; chemicals and pharmaceuticals; non-ferrous metals; pulp, paper and print; non-metallic minerals;...